Mystique's Obi-Wan Kenobi,RN,HICs,CGC,TT
1/3CD,AKC Mj. Ptd.

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OFA Hips - BM-1524G73F-PI
OFA Elbows -
OFA Patellas -
OFA Cardiac -
OFA Thyroid -
CERF clear -
BM-420 (6/2005)
CHIC - #
Christmas Litter in December 2001 by 3X BISS Am/Can Ch.Crossroad's Alien Invasion
             Rock N' Roll Litter in April 2003 by AKC/CKC Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs
             Star Wars Litter in Jan 2005 by AKC/CKC Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs

ABMC Supported Show '01 Winner's Bitch

Sadly Obi left us on 5/4/12. She was a one of a kind girl and will be greatly missed in our lives.

It is such a pleasure to have a malinois that combines that strong work ethic with a balance of elegance. No matter what you want to do Obi is right there with you to do it as well. Obi has shown her versatility in the all the avenues she discovers.

Obi finished her showing career with 7 AKC points, including one major. Obi was spayed Oct. 2005 after having two ear hematoma surgeries. Although I had planned to show her to her championship, we can now focus on our performance events without her pesky heat cycles. She has been a wonderful dam passing on her versatile abilities to her pups.






















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Bieno v.d. Wijde Polder,KNPV 1 & 2 met lof,Obj/Bew met lof+
Holland import,OFA Ex/HDTC/ CERF
Eik des Deux Pottois,KNPV 1 & 2 met lof,FR3 Fr.Ch.Tr.Vizir du Chriskarol,FR3,Ring 3 fin. 77'9

(True Sire)
NL RH Ch.Oscar,KNPV 1 & 2 met lof,'79 11th pl & '80 1oth place KNPV 2 Championships

V-Rated Fr.Ch.Tr.Quacha du Mouscronnais,SchH 3,FR3,Ring 3 fin. 71'3. 72'1. 73'6. 74'9. 75'8. 77'17. Cpg 500 fin. 72'11

Flappy,KNPV met lof

Tisza de Ventadour


Diolene des Deux Pottois

(True Dam)
Donna,KNPV met lof

Fr.Ch.Tr.Vizir du Chriskarol,FR3

Flappy,KNPV met lof

Beca du Maugre


Adonna Perle de Tourbiere Fr.Ch.B. & Tr.Othar de la Noaillerie,FR3, Multi Selectifs,Ring 3 fin. 81'1. 82'1. 83'2. 84'1. 85'2. 87'8. Cpg 500 fin. 82'4. 84'3 Fr.Ch.Tr.Xjelaba,FR3,B.Tr,Campagne,Finalist,3rd place French championship Ring, 1978 .2nd place French championship Campagne, 1978 .9th place french championship Campagne 1979 .4th place French chamionship Campagne 1980 .3rd place French chamionship Campagne 1981
Lassa de la Noaillerie
Wanda Rudie,KNPV 1&2 met lof
Debora,KNPV met lof
Holland Import,OFA Ex/El
*Littermate to '01 KNPV Champion Quattro
Kukay's Quatro,KNPV 1& 2 met lof, Obj.Bew. met lof,UV,'97 Nat. Competitor
'93 Mondo Ring Vice Ch.& Ch.Tr.Elgos du Chemin des Plaines,TAN,FR3,MR3.BR1 Bass de la Noaillerie,FR3,B.Tr

(True Sire)

Vera de la Fontaine du Bois
Sombra v.d. Drijvershoeve Arco Perle de Tourbiere,KNPV 1 & 2 met lof,Obj.Bew. met lof
Arasja Harry van Nedyehrevhof Event
Vera Dekx,BR1,2X 4E PL.Belg.Ch.Ringsport
Mirza v.d. Transparant