CKC BIS UCI Int./AKC Ch.Mystique's Wine'm N Dine'm - Roscoe
Plaid Male


UCI Int. Show 1 - Judge - Mrs.Grace Black (USA) - V1,UCICB
A little light of bone, Correct coat, Good expression, Correct bite nice dark mouth, Dark eyes correct shape, Good ear set, Good chest depth, Front angulation a little straight and narrow, Rear angulation same as front, Good top line, Correct tail set, Good movement coming and going

UCI Int. Show 2 - Judge - Mr.John Rowton (Can.) - V1,UCICB
Nicely balanced, Good outline, Correct coat, Nice shape of head, Correct bite, Better eye shape, Good set of ears, Good depth of chest, Front angulation more lift than reach, Good angulation of rear, Strong top line, Good set of tail, More drive than reach of movement

UCI Int Show 3 - Judge - Mr.Larry Abbott (USA) - V1,UCICB
Nice presence in the ring, Good outline, Good texture of coat, Nicely shaped head, Correct bite, Good shape and color of eyes, Good set of ears, Nice depth of chest, Good shoulder angulation, Nice rear could be more muscled, Top line good in movement, Nice carriage of tail, Free and easy movement

UCI Int Show 4 - Judge - Mrs.Peggy Hauck (USA) - V1,UCICB
Nice balanced dog, Good breed specimen, Good condition of coat, Correct head type, Full dentition correct bite, Good set of eyes, Good placement of ears, Nice chest, Good shoulder layback, Rear matches front, Good top line, Nice side gait