CKC* pBIS Mystique's Simply Irresistible,AKC Mj.ptd
(*Canine Kennel Club)

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Born: 4-24-03
CHIC #: 23349
OFA Hips: BM-1531G25F-PI
OFA Elbows: BM-EL605F25-PI
OFA Patella: BM-PA57/25F/P-PI
CERF clear: BM-634 (5/2004)
X-Men Litter in Jan 2005 by AKC/CKC Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs
          Wine Litter in Jan 2006 by U-CD Ch.C'Villa's Stevie RayVon Rowehause,CD,HT,HIC,TDI,CGC
          Coffee Litter in April 2007 by U-CD Ch.C'Villa's Stevie RayVon Rowehause,CD,HT,HIC,TDI,CGC
          Ballroon Litter in Dec 2007 by AKC/CKC Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs
          Cookie Litter in Nov 2008 by AKC/CKC Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs
          Poker Litter in May 2009 by AKC/CKC Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs
          Beach Litter in April 2010 by Ch.Tri Sorts Zoomin Harley,'08 AKC/Euk BOB

Best In Show Puppy - Canine Kennel Club
'05 ABMC Regional Specialty #1 - RWB

Rogue is a great combo of her parents, with a hint of her great grandma Asia mixed in. She is going to be a great show dog, already winning a Best In Show Puppy at her first show in the Canine Kennel Club. She is starting to show off in the AKC ring as well going reserve winner's twice, once to a major! Her third show she was Puppy Herding Group 3 in the Breeder Showcase. Rogue now has a BBX Herding Group 3 recently from the Miami shows! This young girl has already got a cheering section with her ring pizzazz. Rogue currently has 8 points with both her majors.

Rogue had her last litter April of 2010, she has been a fantastic mother and produced many wonderful puppies of both working and show quality. We are looking forward to seeing how her babies progress in their new homes. Rogue will be back out in the fall to finish her championship before she is spayed.


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AKC/CKC Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs
Ch.Crocs-Blancs Ahbi of Rebbel,CGC,AOM
BISS Ch.Crocs-Blancs' JumpnJack Flash,HIC,Nat Supt Best Stud Dog
OFA Excellent
Crocs-Blancs' Kruser,AKC Ptd
Ch.Gentlmn Jmz's Elegant Lady
Ch.Crocs-Blancs Alyx,HIC,'87 Nat.WB
OFA Excellent
Crocs-Blancs Cambell's Duke,CD,TD,Mjr.Ptd,Police K-9
2x BOSS Ch.Etoile De La Courtepointe, HIC
Switz. Import,OFA Pass
Mystique's Aphrodite,CGC,TT,AKC Ptd;'03 AMBC Nat 1st Place Open Bitch;Member Best Brace in Show
Ch.Kody Von Christel,CGC,TT,2 UCI Intl CACIBs, 3years SAR,Narc Det. Trained
OFA Good
VDH/AKC/SKC Ch.James des Deux Pottois,CD,TT,CGC,SchH 3,ZTPR,Brevet,ROM CL1
Belg. Import, OFA Good/CERF
Canine Concepts' Addy
OFA Fair
Ch.Asia Von Adrian,CGC,TT,HICs,CD,ROM
Member Best Brace in Show

OFA Good/Cardiac/CERF
Tazmanian Devil
Spirit Led Mignon Pierrette,Brevet HIT,AKC Maj Ptd
Mystique's Obi-Wan Kenobi,RN,HICs,CGC,TT,1/3CD,AKC mj.ptd.
Bieno v.d. Wijde Polder,KNPV 1 met lof,KNPV 2 met lof,Obj/Bew met lof+
OFA Excellent/CERF/HD TC Holland import
Eik des Deux Pottois,KNPV met lof Fr.Ch.Tr.Vizir du Chriskarol,FR3,Ring 3 fin. 77'9

(True Sire)
NL RH Ch.Oscar,KNPV 1 & 2 met lof,'79 11th pl & '80 1oth place KNPV 2 Championships

Diolene des Deux Pottois

(True Dam)
Donna,KNPV met lof

Adonna Perle de Tourbiere Fr.Ch.B. & Tr.Othar de la Noaillerie,FR3, Multi Selectifs,Ring 3 fin. 81'1. 82'1. 83'2. 84'1. 85'2. 87'8. Cpg 500 fin. 82'4. 84'3
Wanda v. Vinkelhof
OFA Excellent/Elbows Holland Imp.

*Littermate to '01 KNPV Champion Quattro

Kukay's Quatro,KNPV 1 & 2 met lof, Obj.Bew. met lof,UV,'97 Nat. Competitor,8th '98 NL KNPV National
'93 Mondo Ring Vice Ch.& Ch.Tr.Elgos du Chemin des Plaines,TAN,FR3,MR3.BR1
Sombra v.d. Drijvershoeve
Arasja Harry van Nedehrevhof

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