AKC/CKC* Ch.Mystique's Boot Scootn' Boogie,HICs
(CKC-Canine Kennel Club)

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CERF clear: BM-513 (7/2004)
OFA Hips:
OFA Elbows:
OFA Patellas:
OFA Cardiac: BM-CA228/131M/P-VPI
OFA Dentition Complete: BM-DE6/131M-VPI
CHIC #: 21555
AKC DNA #: V567129

7-22-01 - 7-17-12

Rock N Roll Litter in April 2003 with Mystique's Obi-Wan Kenobi,1/3CD,RN, HICs,TT,CGC,AKC mj.ptd
    X-Men Litter in Jan 2005 with CKC* pBIS Mystique's Simply Irresistible,AKC mj ptd   
    Star Wars Litter in Jan. 2005 with Mystique's Obi-Wan Kenobi,1/3CD,RN,HICs,TT,CGC,AKC mj.ptd
    Ballroon Litter in Dec 2007 with CKC* pBIS Mystique's Simply Irresistible,AKC mj ptd
    Miracle Litter in Feb. 2008 with sr Perak du Domaine de Vauroux,EG,CSAU,Tan Ch Ex+,Fr. Beauty Ex Rated
Cookie Litter in Nov 2008 with CKC* pBIS Mystique's Simply Irresistible,AKC mj ptd
    Poker Litter in May 2009 with CKC* pBIS Mystique's Simply Irresistible,AKC mj ptd

'03 ABMC Nat. Specialty 3rd Place BBX Dog
'03 ABMC Supported Show 2nd Place BBX Dog (Thurs/Fri/Sat shows of the ABMC National Specialty Weekend)
'03 CKC* #4 Herding Dog
1/04 Starke BBX Herding Group 1
'11 ABMC Regional Specialty Best of Opposite Sex Veteran Sweeps

Stetson has been a dream come true. He is my buddy dog that loves to do everything, especially go herding. Stetson finished his Canine Kennel Club championship quickly taking group wins and placements at nearly every show. He has also done very well in his limited AKC showing. He finished his championship with three majors, two during the tough FL Jan circuit! Stetson has taken a couple of AKC group placements and wins in the Bred-By groups.

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So can we get started already mom?


and away we go! Get along lil' duckies!


this is the way we move our ducks, move our ducks, move our ducks...


we're almost there duckies!


whadda ya mean stop? Can I finish up already?


okay guys back to work


and away they go! 5 ducks locked up. That'll do Stets!


See mom told you I wouldn't work too close to the ducks.


Whadda you mean slow down?













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Ch.Crocs-Blancs Ahbi of Rebbel,CGC,AOM
BISS Ch.Crocs-Blancs' JumpnJack Flash,HIC
OFA Excellent
Crocs-Blancs' Kruser,AKC Ptd Ch.Cassius De La Belle Edita,CD,TD,SchH 2
Belg. Import
Ch.Etoile De La Courtepointe,HIC,2X BOS Nat. Spec. ('84 & '87)
Switz. Import,OFA Pass
Ch.Gentlmn Jmz's Elegant Lady
BISS Ch.Crocs-Blanc's Mischief Maker,CDX
OFA Pass
Ch.Souvenir Accent,CD
OFA Pass
Ch.Crocs-Blancs Alyx,HIC,'87 Nat.WB
OFA Excellent
Crocs-Blancs Cambell's Duke,CD,TD,Mjr.Ptd,Police K-9 Ch.Crocs-Blancs Poo Lee Oh,CD,Dog Security
OFA Pass
Crocs-Blancs Ellysande,,Dog Security
Ch.Etoile De La Courtepointe, HIC,2X BOS Nat. Spec. ('84 & '87)
Switz. Import,OFA Pass
Int.Ch.Sw.Ch.(B)Re Erode Du Colombophile,IPO III, CACIB,CAC
Golda Du Colombophile
Mystique's Aphrodite,CGC,TT,AKC Ptd; '03 AMBC Nat 1st Place Open Bitch;Member Best Brace in Show
Ch.Kody Von Christel,CGC,TT,2 UCI Intl CACIBs, 3years SAR,Narc, Det. Trained
OFA Good
VDH/AKC/SKC Ch.James des Deux Pottois,CD,TT,CGC,SchH 3,ZTPR,Brevet,ROM CL1
Belg. Import, OFA Good/CERF
G'Vitou des Deux Pottois,B.Tr.,BR1
Fanna des Deux Pottois
Canine Concepts' Addy
OFA Fair
'89 NNDDA NatlCh.Paco, KNPV met lof,PD 2,Narc. 2,NNDDA Cert.,2nd '90 & '91 NNDDA Natls.
Holland Import, OFA Good
'90 NNDDA Natl.Ch.Jessy des Deux Pottois,Narc.2, NNDDA Cert.,3rd '91 NNDDA Natls
Belg. Import, OFA Good
Ch.Asia Von Adrian,CGC,TT,HICs,CD,ROM
Member Best Brace in Show

OFA Good/Cardiac/CERF
Tazmanian Devil
Crocs-Blancs' Tiboroff's
Aida Au Coeur D'Or
Spirit Led Mignon Pierrette,Brevet HIT,AKC Maj Ptd Auburn Acres Alpha Barny,Police K9
OFA Good
Evas Bo Dara Del Oso Negro
OFA Good